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DICOM Conformance

The Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) 3.0 standard facilitates interoperability of medical imaging equipment. It is an evolving standard maintained by the ACR (American College of Radiology) and NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) in an effort to facilitate the communication of certain types of information between computers used in medical imaging.

In support of DICOM interoperation, iCAD adheres to the following:










Declarations of Conformity

DTB102 PowerLook AMP

DTB060 SecondLook Digital

DTB085 SecondLook Premier

DTB082 TotalLook MammoAdvantage

DTB078 VeraLook

IHE Integration Statements

The following IHE Integration Statements describe the specific IHE capabilities (functionality and workflow) for iCAD products used in the medical imaging market.

DTB084 SecondLook Digital

Health Canada Licenses

PowerLook AMP

SecondLook Digital

SecondLook Premier

TotalLook MammoAdvantage

Versavue Enterprise Suite (MRI)





PowerLook AMP® DICOM Conformance Statement                                        PDF         1.55 MB

SecondLook® Digital v 7.2+ DICOM Conformance Statement                    PDF          508 KB

SecondLook® Digital v 7.2 DICOM Conformance Statement                       PDF         508 KB

TotalLook MammoAdvantage® DICOM Conformance Statement             PDF         971 KB

SecondLook® 300 DICOM Conformance Statement                                        PDF         303 KB

TotalLook® DICOM Conformance Statement                                                     PDF         208 KB

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ISO 13485

RoHS Declaration of Conformity

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