End of Service Life Summary

iCAD is committed to providing quality customer service and support for its suite of image analysis and workflow efficiency products however, due to  the unavailability of some technology, and key replacement components, iCAD is limited in its ability to effectively continue to offer part replacement and extended service contracts; new or renewals for these products.

Customers under an existing service agreement will continue to be supported for the life of the agreement.

ProductEnd of Sales DateEnd of Service DateSecondLook Digital                               June 30, 2013                          July 1, 2013TotalLook MammoAdvantage          December 1, 2012                  June 30, 2017CadVue                                                       March 31, 2011                        March 31, 2015VividLook with VersaVue                    March 31, 2013


+1 866 280 2239 - select menu prompt 1 (toll-free in the United States)

+1 603-882-5200  - select menu prompt 1 (global access)



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