PowerLook Density Assessment is an automated breast density solution that is designed to standardize the assessment and reporting of breast density. PowerLook Density Assessment assists radiologists in evaluating and scoring breast density to identify patients who may be at higher risk of developing breast cancer. This solution uses an appearance-based approach in addition to assessing the volume of dense tissue, to deliver automated, rapid and reproducible assessments of breast structure, texture, and fibroglandular dispersion. This innovative technique calibrates the patient’s breast density to the appropriate density category corresponding to BI-RADS reporting system.

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Benefits Include

Addresses clinical need to standardize breast density assessment between radiologists

Simulates the radiologist’s diagnostic process to quickly and accurately assess breast density

Delivers automatic and consistent breast density results across all patient populations

Provides a consistent protocol to manage the screening process

Assists in communication of breast density with referring physicians

Aligns with the BI-RADS 5th edition standard of identifying dense breast tissue

Advanced Breast Density Algorithm

The PowerLook Density Assessment algorithm uses an innovative technique that analyzes the structure, texture, and dispersion of the fibroglandular tissue. The breast density measurement is aligned with the new BI-RADS standard of identifying dense breast tissue in the breast that could be masking cancer. The masking risk is correlated to both the amount and distribution of fibroglandular tissue. In the diagram, the focally dense structure in Breast 2 is more likely to hide a cancerous lesion by reducing the ability to visualize details and fine structures that could be a sign of a malignant abnormality. In this example, dispersion, in combination with percent breast density, best depicts results consistent with an expert radiologist’s interpretation of breast density.

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