Revolutionize Your Read with PowerLook® Tomo Detection

Designed to optimize breast tomosynthesis reading efficiency, streamline workflow, and support cancer detection without compromising reading performance or increasing recalls. PowerLook Tomo Detection is an innovative radiologist workflow solution built on the latest advances in pattern recognition: Deep Learning. The highly sensitive and unique detection algorithm identifies regions of interest on the tomosynthesis planes and blends those regions onto a synthetic 2D image.

  • Advanced cancer detection built on artificial intelligence
  • Significant improvement in workflow and reader experience
  • An average reduction in reading time of 29.2%
  • Easily navigate the tomosynthesis volume from a single enhanced image
  • Over 90% of malignant soft tissue densities detected


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How Does it Work?

PowerLook® Tomo Detection rapidly scans each plane in the tomosynthesis volume identifying suspicious soft tissue densities (masses, architectural distortions and asymmetries). These soft tissue densities are extracted from the planes and naturally blended onto a synthetic 2D image. The detected regions on the enhanced synthetic 2D image are linked to the appropriate tomosynthesis planes, creating an efficient and effective navigation tool for radiologists to decrease reading time and improve reader experience. Unlike traditional 2D cancer detection solutions, PowerLook® Tomo Detection is designed to be used concurrently throughout study interpretation.

Patient Examples:

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