SecondLook® Premier

SecondLook® Premier* from iCAD is for breast imagers who want the most advanced and customizable digital mammography computer aided detection (CAD) solution. SecondLook Premier offers superior detection and includes clinical decision support tools such as CAD Metrics and CAD iNSIGHT to provide breast imagers with the most robust CAD solution available.

Superior cancer detection

Built on an all digital dataset, SecondLook Premier offers a superior level of cancer detection for increased diagnostic confidence.

Increased Sensitivity

Reduced False Positives

ACR BI-RADS compatible breast density

Breast density assessment enhances radiologist workflow by providing standardized measures:

Robust clinical decision support tools

CAD Metrics and CAD iNSIGHT provide the richest set of clinical decision support tools supporting screening and diagnostic confidence.

» Indicates why each detection was marked

» Identifies certainty of finding

Flexible Operating Points

SecondLook Premier provides full user control of CAD performance with three operating points to match breast imagers’ specific reading preference for optimal reading efficiency.

SecondLook Premier helps maximize productivity with improved workflow efficiency and offers reverse compatibility for existing GE and Siemens SecondLook digital installations. This next generation solution offers the most robust, customizable mammography CAD toolset available, providing radiologists with unsurpassed performance and decision support tools.

* available outside US only.

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iCAD delivers innovative cancer detection and radiation therapy solutions and services that enable clinicians to find and treat cancers earlier and while enhancing patient care. iCAD offers a comprehensive range of upgradeable computer aided detection (CAD) and workflow solutions to support rapid and accurate detection of breast, prostate and colorectal cancers.

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