ProFound AI® Risk

Revolutionizing Personalized Screening

New and now available in the US and EU! ProFound AI® Risk is the first and only clinical decision support tool that provides an accurate two-year, breast cancer risk estimation that is truly personalized for each woman, based only on a screening mammogram.1

The easy-to-implement solution provides superior insights1 that empower clinicians to tailor a woman’s breast screening regimen and potentially identify cancers earlier.

ProFound AI Risk uniquely combines a range of risk factors, offering superior performance in assessing short-term risk compared to traditional breast cancer risk models.1

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CE Marked.

Superior AccuracyAn AUC of 0.73 offers superior accuracy compared to traditional risk assessment models.1Simplified WorkflowEfficient and easy to implement solution provides a rapid short-term risk estimate based on the mammographic exam.Personalized CareImproved model delivers operational efficiency and enhances patient care.

Personalized Screening Made Easy with ProFound AI Risk

ProFound AI Risk is a clinical decision support tool that utilizes ProFound AI breast feature complexity findings, automated breast density, and age in order to calculate a woman’s short-term, absolute risk of breast cancer.

The risk score assists physicians in their personalization of a woman’s screening and surveillance regimen, which may include screening frequency adjustment, supplemental screening, genetic testing or risk reduction strategies.

ProFound AI Risk can be seamlessly implemented in a mammography facility. All that is needed is a standard bilateral two-view full-field digital mammogram.

ProFound AI Risk incorporates multiple risk factors found in a screening mammogram:


Breast Density
Subtle Mammographic Features

ProFound AI Risk provides physicians with a broad view of each patient’s individual risk of breast cancer.

Superior AUC Performance with ProFound AI Risk

Initial research demonstrates ROC AUC of 0.73,2 a significant AUC improvement over the Tyrer-Cuzick and NCI Gail risk models.1 ProFound AI Risk is designed to aid physicians in optimizing individualized screening in order to improve efficiencies and outcomes.

Proven Solution Uniquely Positioned for Personalized Screening

ProFound AI Risk offers proven results that rapidly provide physicians and patients with an accurate two-year absolute breast cancer risk score and risk category (low, general, moderate and high).1

The field of mammography is moving from age-based screening to more individualized risk-based screening. ProFound AI Risk is a leading-edge solution that enables clinicians to easily adapt to evolving screening practices and personalized patient care.

One Comprehensive Breast Cancer Detection and Treatment Partner

iCAD’s product portfolio offers innovative solutions to support breast cancer detection, measure breast density, assess personalized risk, and provide targeted radiation therapy. Our technologies offer clinically proven benefits to clinicians and patients, and are designed to optimize efficiency, enhance the patient experience, and improve outcomes.

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