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As a valued iCAD customer, you have our commitment to provide you with the highest quality customer service, product support, and technologically advanced products.  At iCAD, we pride ourselves on being the leading manufacturer of CAD solutions, a goal that could not be achieved without customers like you. To contact support or learn more about our support options, contact our support team below.

Phone+1 866 280 2239 toll free+1 603 882 5200 phone+1 877-244-7707 - VuCOMP SolutionsE-mailsupport@icadmed.comHoursCustomer support is available:
 M - F, 8am to 7pm (EST)
Field support is available
M - F, 8am to 5pm (local time)

Priority Customer Response

Customers with an iCAD Service Plan receive preferential scheduling for all service calls.

iCAD’s Diamond Service Plan Has You Covered

iCAD supports and strengthens your ability to provide clinical excellence by offering premium customer service through our highly skilled and experienced professional service team. This offers a comprehensive extended post-warranty service plan to meet a wide range of needs and budgets.

Diamond Service Plan

Maximize your investment with an extended Diamond Service Plan. This plan includes replacement parts, onsite labor, technical phone support, software updates and remote diagnostic support.

Our Diamond Service Plan supports clinical productivity by providing workflow/configuration consultation, and convenient remote diagnostics. This all-inclusive plan can be purchased for the following iCAD solutions:

  • ProFound AI™
  •  PowerLook®
  • PowerLook® Density Assessment
  • PowerLook® Pro
  • SecondLook® Digital

Diamond Service customers receive telephone technical support from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday, as well as priority scheduling of any required on-site repairs. The plan also covers all parts, shipping, labor and travel associated with on-site service, software updates, remote services (configuration changes, downloads, licensing, etc.), and remote diagnostics.

Expert Technical Assistance

Featured Benefits

  • Dedicated call center professionals with expertise in PACS/RWS connectivity, CAD workflow, and CAD/DICOM integration
  • Our call center team can address questions about image quality, assist technologists in understanding CAD marking logic, and troubleshoot CAD performance on a wide variety of PACS viewers and review workstations
  • Maximizes clinical efficiency through expert consultation and remote diagnostics
  • Allows for implementation of best practices to ensure workflow efficiency

Convenient Remote Diagnostics

Featured Benefits

  • Remote access to CAD equipment to facilitate efficient troubleshooting and problem-solving
  • Provides rapid response and problem resolution
  • Maximizes uptime and patient satisfaction
  • Saves time and money

Upgrade Options

iCAD has designed a variety of upgrade options to support the diverse needs of our loyal customers. Please complete the form below to have an iCAD representative contact you promptly about the program that will best meet your needs.

End of Service Life Summary

iCAD is committed to providing quality customer service and support for its suite of image analysis and workflow efficiency products however, due to  the unavailability of some technology, and key replacement components, iCAD is limited in its ability to effectively continue to offer part replacement and extended service contracts, new or renewals for these products.

Customers under an existing service agreement will continue to be supported for the life of the agreement.

SecondLook Digital

End of Sales Date: 06/30/2013 | End of Service Date: 07/01/2013

TotalLook MammoAdvantage

End of Sales Date: 12/01/2012 | End of Service Date: 06/30/2017

DICOM Conformance

The Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) 3.0 standard facilitates interoperability of medical imaging equipment. It is an evolving standard maintained by the ACR (American College of Radiology) and NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) in an effort to facilitate the communication of certain types of information between computers used in medical imaging.

In support of DICOM interoperation, iCAD adheres to the following:

PowerLook® DICOM Conformance Statement

SecondLook® Digital v 7.2+ DICOM Conformance Statement

SecondLook® Digital v 7.2 DICOM Conformance Statement

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Services and Support